We are the leading supplier to balloon distributors and party stores. We have established ourselves as the leading provider of helium in the metropolitan area. Our commitment to this market is based on the fact that we have acquired tube trailers, delivery vehicles and a large storage facility for helium.
We have an extensive propane capability which includes daily delivery to customers. We carry equipment for temp heat at construction sites; we have full complement of portable heaters & a large inventory of 100lb. propane cylinders. We also deliver Motor Fuel tanks.
Our long standing service to the oxygen market has provided us with the expertise to meet the needs of medical applications for therapy and inhalation patients. We are certified by the Food and Drug Administration. We also supply to dentists, hospitals and doctor’s offices. We are a leading supplier of the welding and jewelry manufacturing industry.
American Compressed Gases has provided to the beverage industry carbon dioxide in various cylinder sizes to all customers including large chains and small businesses.
American Compressed Gases is authorized by Guinness® beer to mix its proprietary blend of G-Mix (Beer Mix).
American Compressed Gases has developed a complete capability in providing Argon, Nitrogen and specialty gases to the ever growing technical and semiconductor industry for both inert and specially mixed gases. These also include shielding gases for electric welding applications and all related products.
American Compressed Gases